Pharmacology and Neuroscience Faculty

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Arai, Amy C., Professor, Ph.D., (Springfield), Chiba University, 1987; 1999. Molecular and pharmacological modulation of AMPA-type glutamate receptors and its impact on synaptic physiology.

Caspary, Donald M., Distinguished Research Professor, Ph.D., (Springfield), New York University, 1971; 1973. Sensory physiology, neurophysiology, age-related hearing loss, tinnitus.

Copello, Julio A., Associate Professor, Ph.D., (Springfield), National University of La Plata, 1989; 2005. Molecular mechanism of intracellular calcium signaling and its role in ischemia and breast cancer.

Cox, Brandon, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Program, Ph.D., (Springfield), Georgetown University, 2008; 2013. Hair cell regeneration in the cochlea and vestibular organs; postnatal maturation of the cochlea, and mechanisms of hair cell survival.

Crider, Michael, Professor, Ph.D., (Edwardsville), University of Kentucky, 1975; 2004. Synthetic medicinal chemistry, somatostatin non-peptides, sigma 2 ligands.

Elble, Randolph C., Associate Professor, Ph.D., (Springfield), Indiana University, 1986; 2005. Tumor suppression in breast cancer by CLCA family of chloride current regulators.

Faingold, Carl L., Distinguished Professor, Ph.D., (Springfield), Northwestern University, 1970; 1972. Convulsive seizure mechanisms and effects of anticonvulsants; pharmacological alterations of cerebral evoked potentials, sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP).

Hascup, Erin R., Associate Professor, Ph.D., (Springfield), University of Kentucky, 2007; 2013. Neurological, neurochemical, and cognitive changes in aging, Alzheimer's disease, and related disorders; stage-specific therapeutics, early diagnosis and treatment in Alzheimer's disease.

Hascup, Kevin, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., (Springfield), University of Kentucky, 2007; 2018. Metabolic and glutamatergic dysregulation during Alzheimer's disease progression and successful aging; identification of disease-modifying life-style factors and biomarker-targeted therapeutics.

Kolling, William M., Associate Professor, Ph.D., (Edwardsville), University of Iowa, 1997; 2005. Pharmaceuticals, design and synthesis of antibiotic nanoparticles, oral formulations for poorly soluble agents.

Kontoyianni, Maria, Professor, Ph.D., (Edwardsville), University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1992; 2009. Computer-aided drug discovery, virtual screening, chemogenomics, and machine learning, comparative modeling. Disease-related targets: Somatostatin and chemokines (GPCRs), cytochrome P450s, TLR4, and Chlamydia trachomatis phosphatase CppA.

Kwon, Guim, Professor, Ph.D., (Edwardsville), Southern Illinois University, 1992; 2005. Glucose and insulin homeostasis, artificial pancreas system.

McPherson, Timothy, Professor, Ph.D., (Edwardsville), Purdue University, 1995; 2005. Drug delivery and drug product stability.

Nieto, Marcelo, Professor, Ph.D., (Edwardsville), Universidad Nacional de Cordoba (Cordoba, Argentia), 2000; 2006. Drug design and synthesis of rational focused libraries for diverse therapeutic areas (antimicrobial, anticancer, pain, etc.).

Premkumar, Louis S., Professor, Ph.D., (Springfield), Australian National University, 1992; 1999. Molecular mechanism(s) underlying pain perception; structure, function of ion channels, treatment options for chronic pain associated with peripheral neuropathies.

Ramkumar, Vickram, Professor, Ph.D., (Springfield), University of Maryland, 1986; 1992. Mechanism(s) underlying drug- and noise-induced hearing loss, development of therapeutics in reducing or preventing hearing loss.

Richardson, Ben, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., (Springfield), Southern Illinois University, 2012; 2020. Sensorimotor circuit anatomy, function, and plasticity in neurological disease/disorders (Autism, alcoholism, and aging).

Rybak, Leonard P., Professor, M.D., Ph.D., (Springfield), University of Minnesota, 1973; 1981. Mechanism(s) underlying drug- and noise-induced hearing loss, development of therapeutics in reducing or preventing hearing loss.

Santanello, Catherine, Professor, Ph.D., (Edwardsville), St. Louis University, 1990; 1992. Microbial pathogens in water resources, arachnid vectors.

Schober, Joseph, Professor, Ph.D., (Edwardsville), University of Illinois Chicago, 2003; 2007. Cell motility, cell cytoskeleton, cancer cell biology and cell-hydrogel interaction.

Tischkau, Shelley A., Professor and Chair, Ph.D., (Springfield), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1995; 2007. Molecular and neurological bases of whole animal physiological processes, circadian rhythmicity, metabolism, and environmental toxicology.

Witt, Ken, Professor, Ph.D., (Edwardsville), University of Arizona, College of Medicine 2001; 2005. CNS drug delivery, blood-brain barrier, somatostatin brain effects in aging and disease, develop therapeutics to treat Alzheimer's disease progression.

Worthington, Ronald E., Professor, Ph.D., (Edwardsville), Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, 1982; 2005. Human genomic disease gene discovery and somatic genetics of breast cancer.