Music Faculty

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Barta, Michael, Professor, M.M., Liszt Academy Conservatory, 1975; 1985. Violin, chamber music, music literature.

Benyas, Edward, Professor, J.D., Northwestern University, 1987; 1994. Oboe, orchestra.

Brookshire, Cody, Assistant Professor, D.M.A., University of Georgia, 2018; 2020. Music industry, composition.

Brozak, George, Associate Professor of Practice, Ed.D., University of Illinois, 2004; 2009. Athletic bands.

Butler, Christopher, Associate Professor of Practice, D.M.A., University of Kentucky, 2016; 2014. Percussion.

Butler, Jessica, Associate Professor of Practice, D.M.A., University of Iowa, 2013; 2014. Low brass, music history.

Davenport, Susan, Professor, D.M.A., Texas Tech University, 2001; 2005. Choral.

Dillard, David, Associate Professor, D.M.A., University of Michigan, 2004; 2005. Voice.

Johnson, Maria, Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1992; 1997. Ethnomusicology.

Kato, Yuko, Associate Professor, D.M.A., Manhatten School of Music, 2007; 2008. Piano.

Kelley, Richard, Associate Professor and Interim Director, School of Music, D.M.A., 2011; 2008. Saxophone, jazz studies.

Lausell, Isaac, Associate Professor, D.M.A., Stony Brook University, 2009; 2012. Guitar performance, jazz.

Lee, Junghwa, Associate Professor, D.M.A., Eastman School of Music, 1999; 2005. Piano.

Morehouse, Christopher, Professor, D.M.A., University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, 2005; 2005. Bands, conducting.

Reifinger, James L., Jr., Associate Professor, D.M.E., Indiana University, 2007; 2013. Music education.

Walczak, Christopher, Associate Professor, D.M.A., Rice University, 2013; 2015. Composition.

Worthen, Douglas, Associate Professor, D.M.A., University of Hartford, 2007; 2008. Flute, music history.

Emeriti Faculty

Beattie, Donald, Associate Professor, Emeritus, M.M., University of Colorado, 1977; 1979.

Best, Richard, Professor, Emeritus, Metropolitan Opera School, 1968; 1984.

Bottje, Will Gay, Professor, Emeritus, A.Mus.D., Eastman School of Music, 1955; 1957.

Breznikar, Joseph, Professor, Emeritus, M.M., University of Akron, 1977; 1980.

Brown, Philip, Professor, Emeritus, M.M.E., University of North Texas, 1983; 1991.

Delphin, Wilfred, Professor, Emeritus, D.M.A., University of Southern Mississippi, 1978; 1988.

Fink, Timothy, Professor, Emeritus, M.F.A., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 1993; 1994. 

Fligel, Charles, Associate Professor, Emeritus, M.M., University of Kentucky, 1966; 1976.

Hanes, Michael D., Professor, Emeritus, M.M.Ed., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 1965; 1970.

Hussey, George, Professor, Emeritus, M.A.Ed., Washington University, 1963; 1963.

Lord, Suzanne, Associate Professor, Emerita, D.M.A., Florida State University, 1998; 1997.

Mellado, Daniel, Associate Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1979; 1979.

Mochnick, John, Professor, Emeritus, D.M.A., University of Cincinnati, 1978, 1984.

Poulos, Helen, Associate Professor, Emerita, D.M., Indiana University, 1971; 1969.

Simmons, Margaret, Professor, Emerita, M.Mus., University of Illinois, 1976; 1977.

Stemper, Frank, Composer In Residence (Professor), Emeritus, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1981; 1983.

Underwood, Jervis, Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., North Texas State University, 1970; 1971.

Wagner, Jeanine, Professor, Emerita, D.M.A., University of Illinois, 1987; 1984.

Weiss, Robert, Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 1984; 1978.

Werner, Kent, Associate Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1966; 1963.