Geology Faculty

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Anderson, Ken B., Professor and Director Advanced Energy Institute, Geology, Ph.D., University of Melbourne, 1989; 2003. Clean coal technology, ambers and fossil resins, resource analysis.

Conder, James A., Professor, Geology, Ph.D., Brown University, 2001; 2008. Mantle geodynamics and melt generation, active tectonics.

Henson, Harvey, Associate Professor and Interim Director STEM Education Research Center, Curriculum and Instruction/Geology, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, 2015; 2016. Science education, geology, geophysics.

Hummer, Daniel R., Assistant Professor, Geology, Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 2010; 2016. Mineralogy, crystallography, high temperature geochemistry.

Lefticariu, Liliana, Associate Professor, Geology, Ph.D., Northern Illinois University, 2004; 2007. Geochemistry, low-temperature geochemistry, stable isotopic analysis, environmental geology.

Potter-McIntyre, Sally, Associate Professor, Geology, Ph.D., University of Utah, 2012; 2013. Clastic sedimentology, paleogeography and basin evolution, astrobiology, Mars sedimentology using terrestrial analogs.

Sexton, John, Professor, Geology, Ph.D., Indiana University, 1974; 1985. Seismic reflection data, earthquakes in the Wabash Valley and the New Madrid seismic zones.

Emeriti faculty

Esling, Steven P., Associate Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1984.

Fifarek, Richard H., Associate Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., Oregon State University, 1985.

Rimmer, Sue, Professor, Emerita, Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 1985.