Environmental Resources and Policy Faculty

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Environmental Resources & Policy Faculty
Please see the program web pages (erp.siu.edu/faculty-staff/) for detailed information on the research activities of individual faculty members. Please also see the program entries in this catalog.

Agribusiness Economics

Altman, Ira, Renewable Energy Industries, Organizational, Rural and Regional Economics

Moon, Wanki, Consumer Economics and Food Marketing

Rendleman, Matthew, Agricultural Policy

Sanders, Dwight, Futures and options, Risk Management, Price Analysis


Akamani, Kofi, Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management

Carver, Andrew, Land Use Planning, GIS

Ruffner, Charles, Forest ecology

Schoonover, Jon, Watershed Management and Hydrology

Williard, Karl, Hydrological Modeling, Watershed Management

Zaczek, James, Ecology

Geography and Environmental Resources

Duram, Leslie, Agricultural Conservation Policy, Public Lands Policy, Organic Agriculture

Li, Ruopu, GIS-based Land Use Modeling, Water Resources Planning and Management, Groundwater Modeling

Remo, Jonathan, ER&P Director, Hydrology, Water Resources Management, Fluvial Geomorphology, and Natural Hazards. 

Schoof, Justin, Climatology

Wang, Guangxing, Remote Sensing, Spatial Statistics and GIS


Anderson, Ken, Organic Geochemistry

Conder, James, Seismology, Plate Boundary ProcessesGeodynamics and Seismotectonics

Esling, Steven, Hydrogeology, Environmental Modeling

Harvey, Henson, Science Education, Geology, and Applied Geophysics

Hummer, Daniel, Mineralogy

Ishman, Scott, Marine Micropaleontology

Lefticariu, Liliana, Stable Isotope Geochemistry/Aqueous Geochemistry/Radiation chemistry

Potter-McIntyre, Sally, Sedimentology

Plant, Soil and Agricultural Sciences

Bond, Jason, Hematology and Plant Pathology

Meksem, Khalid, Agronomy and Soil

Taylor, Bradley, Fruit Production

Walters, Alan, Horticulture

A partial listing of other SIU faculty active in environmental research and teaching

Gibson, David, Plant Biology, Plant Population and Community Ecology

McCubbin, Patricia, School of Law, Environmental Law, Advanced Environmental Litigation, Environmental Law for Business Transactions