Student Responsibility

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Students are responsible for knowing degree requirements and enrolling in courses that will enable them to complete their degree programs. It is also their responsibility to know the University regulations for the standard of work required to continue in the Graduate School. For information, consult both the general and specific degree requirements enclosed in this publication. Additional details about requirements and procedures are available from your graduate advisor or the Graduate School.

Human Subjects

Before the start of any research involving human subjects, the research project must be reviewed by the SIU Human Subjects Committee (an Institutional Review Board). If your master’s or doctoral project will involve human subjects (including, but not limited to, administering questionnaires, conducting interviews, or accessing confidential databases), you must submit an application to the committee prior to the start of the research. Call 618/453-4533 for information or visit their website at ospa. When you submit your master’s thesis/research paper or doctoral dissertation to the Graduate School, you must include documentation from the HSC that the project has been reviewed and the outcome of that review. The committee cannot retroactively approve research that has already begun or been completed. If the correct documentation is not included, your master’s research paper/thesis or doctoral dissertation cannot be accepted by the Graduate School.

Animal Care

The SIU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) was formed to establish and enforce ethical, humane guidelines for the use of live animals in research at the University. The committee reviews all protocols involving the use of vertebrate animals for training, research, and testing to assure compliance with humane standards and federal regulations. Researchers with projects involving animals must submit a completed Animal Use Protocol form for the committee’s review. Graduate students may not be listed as the principal investigator on an IACUC protocol. Approval of the protocol is required before the animals can be used for training, research, or testing purposes. The Laboratory Animal Program is accredited by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International. For more information, contact the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee at 618/453-4533 or the Laboratory Animal Program at 618/536-2346 or visit the website at

Other Research Compliances Applicable to Research Include:

-Hazardous Materials and research utilizing Controlled Substances
-Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acids, Dual Use Research of Concern, and Select Agents
-Radiological Safety
-Stem Cell Research
-Responsible Conduct of Research

Students should discuss these compliances with their advisor. Additional information is available at Contact the Center for Environmental Health and Safety at 618/453-7180 or the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration at 618/453-4540.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (SRR) serves as a resource for the University community in understanding and applying the Student Conduct Code. The office strives to enhance a sense of community, accountability and responsibility. This is accomplished through educational outreach, one-on-one interactions with students and the enforcement of educationally based sanctions to address violations of the Student Conduct Code and other University policies. SRR works to balance the individual needs of each student with the needs of the academic community to find positive outcomes for all involved parties. If you have questions about the Student Conduct Code, your rights as a student, or if you believe a student has violated the Student Conduct Code or another policy, please call our office at 618/536-2338 or visit us online at All students are responsible for knowing and following the Student Conduct Code which is available on the SRR website.