Rehabilitation Counseling Faculty

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Austin, Gary F., Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1973; 1984.

Benshoff, John J., Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Northern Colorado, 1987; 1988. Rehabilitation Counseling.

Blache, Stephen E., Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., The Ohio University - Athens, 1970; 1971.

Bordieri, James E., Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1980; 1986. Vocational evaluation, rehabilitation administration, job placement, rehabilitation management.

Boyer, Valerie, Associate Professor, Ph.D., SIUC, 2006; 2009. Child Language, animal-assisted therapy.

Crimando, William, Professor, Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1980; 1980. Job development and placement, computers in rehabilitation, adjustment services, staff training and development.


Falvo, Donna, Professor, Emerita, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 1978; 1974.

Flowers, Carl, Professor, Emeritus, Rh.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 1993; 2002.

Franca, Maria Claudia, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2006; 2008. Voice science and multicultural issues related to communication disorders and sciences.


Koch, D. Shane, Professor, Rh.D., Southern Illinois University, 1999; 2005. Rehabilitation counseling, alcohol, drugs, and disability.

Lehr, Robert P., Jr., Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., Baylor University, 1971; 1973.

Nichols, Jane L., Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2007; 2012. Rehabilitation Counseling, challenges in communication, decision making, and addictive behaviors.



Simpson, Kenneth O., Associate Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1995; 1994. Alternative/augmentative communication, motor speech disorders.

Upton, Thomas, Professor, Ph.D., The University of Iowa, 2000; 2000. Rehabilitation counseling, advances in rehabilitation, persons with brain injury, disability attitudes, and postsecondary educational accommodations.