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*Enrollments in Education with a concentration in Quantitative Methods (Ph.D.) have been suspended indefinitely.

The School of Education offers graduate studies leading to the Ph.D. degree in Education with a concentration in Quantitative Methods. The purpose of this graduate program is to prepare professional quantitative methodologists to pursue careers or research in their areas of interest.

Individualized courses of study are linked to the teaching and research capabilities of the faculty. Sufficient latitude is provided so that students in concert with their advisor and committee plan programs that capitalize on student interests and faculty capabilities.


Students must apply to the program of Counseling, Quantitative Methods, and Special Education, Southern Illinois University, Mail Code 4618, Carbondale, IL  62901. Phone: 618-536-7763. Specific questions about the major in Education or the concentration in Quantitative Methods and how to apply should be directed to the address identified above or by phone.

A non-refundable application fee of $65 must be submitted with the application. Applicants must pay this fee with a credit card.

Admission and Retention

Applications are reviewed by the Quantitative Methods faculty and recommendations forwarded to the School of Education and the Graduate School. Test scores from the Graduate Record Examination are required. A personal interview with a candidate is required. Admission to the program is dependent on (1) the applicant's grades in their graduate program, (2) GRE scores, (3) prior course work, and (4) availability of qualified faculty to supervise the applicant's doctoral work. Applicants must also meet other admission requirements of the program. The performance of each doctoral candidate is reviewed each semester. Maintenance of a grade point average of 3.0 and compliance with policies of the department, college, and Graduate School are also required.

Core Requirements

Specific courses or other degree requirements are determined by the program upon recommendation from the student's doctoral committee.

Research and Teaching

Each student is required to demonstrate professional competence through supervised experiences. These experiences include research, teaching, and personal interactions in consulting or assessment situations.

Preliminary Examinations

All Ph.D. candidates must pass a preliminary examination over their doctoral course work before formal admission to candidacy. The doctoral committee with the concurrence of the program is responsible for the development and evaluation of the preliminary examination.

Doctoral Committees

Students are assigned a doctoral advisor upon admission to the program. Before the end of the first year of doctoral committee chairpersons based on the student's research interests. Each doctoral student works with his/her doctoral committee to develop and approve a rigorous program of study. The committee is also responsible for an oral examination over the completed dissertation and student's general knowledge of the professional field.

Certificate in Quantitative Methods (QM)

The Graduate Certificate in QM is designed to provide advanced training in quantitative methods for graduate students majoring in other programs. This certificate requires a minimum of 24 graduate credit hours. A total of 9 credits of QM courses may also count for credit toward a graduate degree program, as appropriately and jointly determined (as needed) by the QM Graduate Certificate Program faculty, the office of the School of Education, the Graduate School, the office of the Provost, and any particular graduate program advisory committee associated for a student. Further, the student must be currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at SIU or an individual holding a bachelor's degree and admitted to the Graduate School. Doctoral students enrolled in the Quantitative Methods concentration, however, are not eligible to earn this certificate. This certificate requires 18 credits in core courses:

  • QUAN 506    Inferential Statistics (4 hours)
  • QUAN 507    Multiple Regression (4 hours)
  • QUAN 508    Experimental Design (4 hours)
  • QUAN 531    Principles of Measurement (3 hours)
  • QUAN 533    Survey Research Methods (3 hours)
  • and a minimum of 6 credit hours in QUAN 580A-I "Selected Topics" (variable 2-4 hours per course)

Students admitted to the QM Graduate Certificate course must complete each with a letter grade of at least a B, and maintain an overall grade point average of at least 3.5 in courses taken under the auspices of the graduate certificate program. If a lower grade is obtained in any given course, then the same course must be repeated until this overall grade point average requirement is achieved. Otherwise, credit will not be given for the course(s) associated with this certificate and other course(s) would subsequently be required to be selected in lieu of course(s) where credit has not been earned.