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*Enrollments in Mining Engineering have been suspended indefinitely.

Master of Science in Mining Engineering

Graduate work leading to the Master of Science degree in mining engineering is offered by the College of Engineering. The program is designed to provide advanced study in areas such as rock mechanics and ground control, mine design, mineral and coal processing, surface and underground mining systems performance optimization, innovative mining systems, surface mine reclamation, in-situ mining, mine environment and ventilation, coalbed methane reservoir engineering, carbon dioxide sequestration, dust control, and coal combustion byproduct utilization and management.


Students seeking admission to the graduate program in mining engineering must meet the admission standards set by the Graduate School and have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or its equivalent. A student whose undergraduate training is deficient may be required to take coursework without graduate credit.

This program requires a nonrefundable $65 application fee that must be submitted with the application for Admissions to Graduate Study in Mining Engineering. Applicants must pay this fee by credit card.


A graduate student in mining engineering is required to develop a program of study with a graduate adviser and a graduate committee. Each student majoring in mining engineering may, with the approval of the graduate committee, also take courses in other branches of engineering or in areas of science and business. For a student who wishes to complete the requirements of the master’s degree with a thesis, a minimum of thirty semester hours of acceptable graduate credit is required. Of this total, eighteen semester hours must be earned in the mining engineering department. Each candidate is also required to pass a comprehensive oral examination covering all of the student’s graduate work including thesis. A minimum of 15 hours must be earned in courses numbered 500 or above.

If a student prefers the non-thesis option, a minimum of 36 semester hours of acceptable graduate credit is required. The student is expected to take at least 21 semester hours within mining engineering including no more than 3 semester hours of the appropriate 592 course to be devoted to the preparation of a research paper. In addition, each candidate is required to pass a written comprehensive examination and an oral examination on the research paper.

If a student with a mining engineering background pursues a master’s degree with double major, he or she will be required to take a minimum of 18 credits with thesis option and 22 credits with non-thesis option in mining engineering and 60 percent of the total credit requirements of the other department. For a student without a background in the related fields such as minerals engineering, geological engineering etc., the minimum credit requirement in the mining department will be 24 credits with thesis option and 28 credits with non-thesis option. Additional deficiency courses will be prescribed for students with a background in non-related fields.

Each student will select a minimum of three graduate faculty members to serve as a graduate committee, subject to the approval of the chair of the Department of MMRE. At least two of the committee members must be from the mining engineering department. The committee will:

  1. approve the student’s program of study,
  2. approve the student’s research topic,
  3. approve the completed research paper or thesis, and
  4. administer and approve the written, or oral, comprehensive examination.

Teaching or research assistantships and fellowships are available for qualified applicants. Assistantship and fellowship support is limited to two years in line with the Department’s expectations of student’s time to graduate. An extension of one semester is approved only under exceptional circumstances (eg: equipment failures). Additional information about the program, courses, assistantships, and fellowships may be obtained from the College of Engineering or the Department of Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering.